The advantages and disadvantages of artificial turf in football field.

1. The football field of artificial grass flooring in the appearance of any device capable of foundation, so the foundation is not very high quality, but also does not render the scene cracking, delamination and bubbles do not need to worry about, not only economic but also very simple;

2. It is very convenient in daily maintenance, and the overall maintenance cost is also very low. It can be used to directly rinse the surface with clean water, and it will not show any discoloration and deformation;

3. Because the artificial grass on the football field is similar in grass shape to real grass, the comparison has a beautified overall feeling, the most important thing is that the variety is completely compared, and the grass length can also be selected according to the practical use requirements.

4. The overall design is very beautiful, and the usage rate is also very high. The life span of all uses can be as high as more than ten years. It is relatively durable and easy to maintain, and can be used throughout the day.

5. The materials are also classified as environmentally friendly. Because the products are selected for construction, the construction period is relatively short and fixed, and the quality is relatively easy to control. The inspection is also very convenient and does not require more professional common sense.

6. Not only is there no noise, it is also very shock-absorbing, has certain elasticity, non-toxic use is also very safe, and the flame retardant performance is relatively high, so it is more suitable for use in schools and other venues.

7. Choose the concept of safety and maintenance, useful to avoid damage caused by sports.

8. It is also an optional direct compilation on the line drawing. It does not need to be troubled by the frequency of line drawing. Since maintenance and maintenance are very simple, there is no need to use any subsequent costs.