How long is the service life of artificial turf?

Artificial lawns are mainly made of artificial fiber materials or high-grade nylon materials in foreign countries. In this way, the shape is almost the same as that of natural lawns. A part of the lawn has a soft layer of anti-vibration foam. Everyone knows how to maintain natural lawns. If so, the grass will soon be trampled to death and withered, but the life span of the artificial turf will be much longer. Let’s talk about how long the life span of the artificial turf?

The artificial grass filled with particles has an internationally advanced level in the process of making. The products have very good sports performance and good practicality during use. Such products are accepted by the majority of users in China. The materials used are mostly PP and PE.

During the installation of artificial turf, it is necessary to use the special machinery of its products, especially the laying and installation of more professional and expensive sports venues, otherwise there will be no way to achieve the uniformity and flatness of the venue Claim.

The sports characteristics of artificial turf are very close to that of natural turf. When used, they can be used all day and all year round. Generally, after laying the turf, it needs to be maintained for about 8 months to achieve its best condition.

The actual service life of the artificial turf can effectively reach more than 5 years. If the product is in dry weather for a long time, usually only need to sprinkle some water on the lawn, so that the risk of athletes being scratched can be reduced to a certain extent.

The above is the description of the life of artificial turf.