What are the main characteristics of artificial turf?

Artificial turf is not only anti-skid, dust-removing, easy to clean, but also looks like real grass and has a green feeling. These advantages make artificial turf loved by people. Many sports venues are now made of artificial turf, but these characteristics are only artificial turf Some common features, but there are actually many hidden benefits that no one has discovered. Let’s talk about some of the major characteristics of artificial turf.

1. Combined with modern technology, artificial turf has been effectively improved in firmness, wear resistance, tensile strength and anti-aging performance;
2. The artificial turf has basically excellent physical and chemical properties. After nearly 100,000 wear tests on the artificial turf, it only lost about 2% to 3% of the fiber weight;
3. When laying the artificial turf, the requirements for the foundation are very low, and it can be directly constructed on cement and asphalt, and the entire construction period is relatively short, especially suitable for long training time and high density In the campus playground;
4. The artificial turf has a very long service life, the average service life is more than ten years, and the installation and maintenance of the artificial turf are very simple, and the cost and cost are relatively low;
5. The artificial turf will not be affected by any weather, even in relatively harsh environments such as snow and rain, it can be used normally;
6. The artificial turf has very good water permeability, and also has high elasticity which is enough for sports cushioning force;

The above are also several characteristics of artificial turf.